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Incorporation of Bahamian IBCs

Timely Incorporations

Incorporation within 72 hours and not longer than 5 working days. Expenses of courier services to be borne by the client.

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Choice of Names or 'Off-the-Shelf' Names

An IBC can be incorporated with any name that is not considered undesirable by the Registrar of Companies and may not include words such as Bank, Building Society, Chamber of Commerce or any word associated with the Royal Family or Government. The name can be in any language and can use any suffix to denote limited liability, for example, Limited, Ltd., Corp., Corporation, Incorporated, S.A., GmbH, etc.

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The Memorandum of Association

It will state the name of the company, registered address, registered agent, value of authorized share capital (minimum US$5,000.00) and the currency in which the shares are to be issued, the classes of shares and the number of shares that are to be registered.

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The Articles of Association

They govern the internal affairs of the company.

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Company Seal and Share Certificates

A desktop seal of the company and two share certificates are included in the incorporation package.

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Registered Address

A Bahamian IBC must maintain annually a registered office address in The Bahamas. Our address is Dowdeswell Street, PO Box CB-13878, Nassau, Bahamas.

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Registered Agent

A Bahamian IBC must always have a local registered agent, such as our company, Berencia Isaacs & Associates, Ltd.

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Company Officers/Directors

Under the International Business Companies Act, 2000, a register of directors and officers has to be filed with The Registrar of Companies. Nominee officers and directors can be provided by our company for an annual fee. If directors are required (a minimum of one), Berencia Isaacs & Associates, Ltd. will provide them under the condition, that we are the only directors. Our company policy is that we do not share directorships.

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Information Required by The IBC Act, 2000 to be Kept at The Registered Office

Register of Members

Register of Directors & Officers

Copy of Imprint of the Company Seal

Copies of all Company Minutes

Copies of all Company documents, e.g. Memorandum & Articles of Association

This information is not available to the public but to the members, directors or officers of the Company, with the exception of The Register of Directors, which is filed with The Registrar of Companies.

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Other Requirements

To incorporate an IBC for you, we will require you to complete our Confidential Application Form, and provide us with 2 forms of identification, (one of which must be a notarized copy of your passport) and two professional references. Please e-mail us for our Confidential Application Form.

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Collection and Forwarding of Correspondence

e.g. bank statements, other correspondence. See our maildrop service.

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Payment of Fees

Payment for our services can be by credit card (please e-mail us for our Credit Authorization Form for you to complete and fax to us at 242-356-6135) or by wire transfer (please e-mail us for instructions).

Please bookmark this page for future reference.

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